Is it safe to bath your child when they have chicken pox?

Answer The itch comes back, this time only angrier!

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If your kid has the chicken pox should you bath them while they have spots?…Usefull link might be of help

Have you ever been in the bath with your child and they have, ahem, done their business?

Yes, but I didn't mind a bit. My son is so precious; I even adore his excrement! See?…

In Illinois when can you kick out your girlfriend if she has Teenage kids and they have a safe place to go?

Answer You shouldn't kick out your girlfriend just because she has teenage kids that is just stupid and absurb

Why the president sent secret service to house how your child get rape in they care why the judge said you cant have a lawyer why is your child in pain?

Although the Secret Service is widely known for presidential security, they are under the direction of the Treasury department and have duties for maintaining security there.