Is it safe to add a scent oil to your humidifier?

Answer On One Hand: Possible Damage to MachineThere is the possibility that an incorrect dosage of scented oil can clog the humidifier. If you put too much in, it may block the holes through which the mis... Read More »

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Why can't I use scent splash humidifier liquid in my ultrasonic cool humidifier?

More than likely it will bur it out. I bought a misting bowl that had the water rise up looking like smoke. I tried putting some in the water and it quit working after two days. The oil must cake ... Read More »

Is it safe to run a humidifier with a musty filter?

It is not safe to run a humidifier with a musty or dirty filter, because bacteria and mold can breed and cause health problems. Contaminated mist or steam released into the air can affect your lung... Read More »

What shampoo scent stays in your hair for a long time I want a long lasting scent shampoo!!?

Big Sexy, Bed Head, and Paul Mitchel are the best. But also you can spray perfume in the hair while your blow drying it because your hair cuticle opens up to heat so the scent will be trapped in th... Read More »

What to Look for in a Humidifier?

Humidifiers can raise the moisture levels in the air around you, helping with various problems like dry skin, dry eyes and trouble breathing. If you're thinking of buying such an appliance, keep an... Read More »