Is it safe to Take the back panel off of a LCD TV?

Answer If you are having to ask that question.... you should not be fiddiling with anything electronic.

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Is it safe to use an Xbox 360& a flat panel TV?

Yes, Gamespot encourages the use of HDTVs with the Xbox 360. The burn-in of static images is still a possibility on plasma screens. However, LCD flat panels do not have such a problem.Source:Gamesp... Read More »

How to Change Back to Category View in the Control Panel for XP SP3?

Windows XP Service Pack 3 offers users various types of ways to view types of menus and files. One of these ways is "Category View," available in the control panel. In category view, the list is to... Read More »

How to Pop the Back Panel Speakers on a 2007 Honda Accord?

The back panel speakers on a 2007 Honda Accord are set inside the rear shelf, just above the rear seat. Each speaker is protected by a plastic grille that attaches to the rear shelf panel. Four ste... Read More »

How to Change Back From a Classic View Control Panel?

Microsoft changed the way the Control Panel looks when they launched Windows XP. The Control Panel in Windows XP and Vista features two options: "Classic View" and "Control Panel Home." If you are ... Read More »