Is it safe to Take the back panel off of a LCD TV?

Answer If you are having to ask that question.... you should not be fiddiling with anything electronic.

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Is it safe to use an Xbox 360& a flat panel TV?

Yes, Gamespot encourages the use of HDTVs with the Xbox 360. The burn-in of static images is still a possibility on plasma screens. However, LCD flat panels do not have such a problem.Source:Gamesp... Read More »

Why does the back panel of your refrigerator have a bad odor?

Answer Check your water drip pan in the back bottow lower part of it, sometimes your hole in your drainage in the fridge gets clogged (in back of the produce drawers) this causes an odor, clean th... Read More »

How much does it cost to repair the back panel of an iPhone?

You would need to take it to apple store some best buys are an apple store if they can't fix it which I'm sure they can tape it up with clear packaging tape.Good luck Past hey would keep your pho... Read More »

How to Remove the Panel When the Car's Back Door Won't Unlock?

If your car's back door won't unlock, you may have problem with the linkage in the door. To access the lock and latch linkage, you'll need to remove the interior door panel. There is no single way ... Read More »