Is it safe smoke marijuana while getting a wax?

Answer Well being high isn't that bad of an idea, i've done that a few times. But, there were a few times where you get like weirded out & focus on the pain more than you normally would. & don't do it bei... Read More »

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Is it safe to smoke marijuana once a month?

Probably, depends on why you are doing it.Same with alcohol - it's probably safe to do it in moderation.Everything is ok in moderation.The question is - are you doing it because YOU want to?

How safe is it, to smoke or eat marijuana or skunk?

Deaths from Cannabis (Marijuana) - 0 worldwideHumourous video about the war on drugs:…

Is it safe to smoke marijuana a day after having two wisdom teeth pulled?

AnswerIf your marijuana is prescribed, please redirect your inquiry to your doctor, who will evaluate your circumstances and make a professional recommendation.It would be to your advantage to not ... Read More »

Do you smoke marijuana?

Well most of the people that tell you not to do it have never actually bothered to learn the truth about it and the truth is that things like you will die, it will kill you brain cells or you ambit... Read More »