Is it safe for my dog to exercise after years of lying around?

Answer On One Hand: Exercise is HealthyJust as with humans, daily exercise is important for dogs. Exercise aids in digestion, improves circulation, prevents obesity, provides mental stimulation and relie... Read More »

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Is it safe to use car seats after five years?

On One Hand: It Might Be SafeAs long as you are the original owner of the car seat it is probably safe. Manufacturers usually put a five-year expiration date on car seats because the plastic casing... Read More »

Are vasectomies safe birth control after 9 years?

On One Hand: Vasectomies are PermanentA vasectomy is a permanent form of birth control that involves surgery on the vas deferens, preventing the release of sperm into the semen. Athough semen is st... Read More »

How to Do an Around the World Exercise With an Exercise Ball?

This high-impact exercise is good for improving upper body strength and flexibility.

How to Do a Lying Leg Rotation With an Exercise Ball?

This exercise is a great workout for your obliques. Try the exercise without the ball first until you get used to the exercise, then add the ball in.