Is it safe for me to run while pregnant I'm 37 weeks?

Answer It is important that you always check with your doctor first. If you haven't been running throughout your pregnancy you shouldn't start now, however if you have been running all along it should be ... Read More »

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Is swimming at 5 weeks pregnant safe? is harmful for you and your child

Is it safe to take NyQuil when you're 3 weeks pregnant?

my answer to this would be yes i took benadryl throught my whole pregnancy because i was itchy and had skin rashes all the time from being pregnant but everyone is different you should consult your... Read More »

Is it safe to swim at 38 weeks pregnant?

Check with your doctor, but as long as you have not passed your plug, you should be good to go.

Im nine weeks pregnant and still haveing sex is that safe?

Yes, unless you are a high risk pergnancy but you would know if you were because your doctor/midwife would have told you