Is it safe for children to use a hot tub?

Answer AnswerIf you have an older model the child's hair could get caught in the intake and they could drown.I would also be concerned with temp too hot and the length of time spent in the tub. Could fall... Read More »

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Is thymol safe for children?

On One Hand: Thymol Is Used in MouthwashesThymol is used as an active ingredient in antiseptic mouthwashes and has been used medicinally---according to Natural Standard---for thousands of years for... Read More »

Are hot tubs safe for children?

On One Hand: They Are Safe With PrecautionsA hot tub is safe only if children are supervised at all times. The temperature cannot be too hot. Children must put up long hair so it doesn't get caught... Read More »

Are humidifiers safe for children?

On One Hand: Relieve Cold SymptomsHumidifiers are appliances that emit moisture into a room. They are commonly used to help relieve cold symptoms, namely congestion. Young children are susceptible ... Read More »

Is potpourri safe for children?

if they are very little no but don't use those Crystal elements those definitely look like candy i mean I'm 15 and i thought they were candy