Is it safe for a diabetic to have a baby?

Answer Paracetamol (acetaminophen) is dosed by weight in small children, but for a child that young you should get the express consent from a doctor since it can affect them differently than older childre... Read More »

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Can i have a normal baby if im diabetic?

It will certainly depend on your individual situation - and you should discuss it with an OB that is skilled in diabetic pregnancy - but in general cases, Yes, you surely can have a healthy child! ... Read More »

Im an diabetic and been trying to make a baby why i cant have one?

Most women with diabetes are fertile. If your blood sugar is very high on a regular basis, it will cause infertility.Also diabetes doesn't protect you from all the causes of infertility that other ... Read More »

My partner is diabetic, and we have sex always is it possible i ve got diabetic also?

Nope. Diabetes is not contagious. You can't "catch" it like a cold or other STD.

Is it safe to have a baby at age 42?