Is it safe for a diabetic to give blood?

Answer On One Hand: Diabetes Does Not Disqualify YouAccording to, a website for diabetics, the American Red Cross does not automatically disqualify type 1 or type 2 diabetics from donating blood... Read More »

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Is it safe to give sexual enhancing pills to a diabetic person?

Only with the advice of the doctor. It depends partly on whether or not there are any complicating factors with the diabetes.

I have 104 mg/dL fasting blood glucose and 285 mg/dL post prandial blood glucose. Am I diabetic?

The question is, why are you not asking your doctor this?Anyway, the link provided will explain your blood work.

Can you get low blood sugar if you're not diabetic?

Get yourself tested. If you are, it can be helped, and if not, you will not be worrying about this being diabetes at least.

I have O neg blood which is considered universal donor. Should I give blood I am a terrible coward?

in my opinion you should,and it dont matter if you got O neg or not,the fact that you willingly would give something from yourself to help another,is great..:-)and about the tattoo and the wine,the... Read More »