Is it sad i spend so much of my free time editing wikipedia articles for free?

Answer It's sad only if you're trying to put correct information in there. If you want to write correct information, why don't you start writing your own book or blog? Don't waste quality content on Wikip... Read More »

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Why do hundreds of people spend their free time reverting vandalism on wikipedia. Are they bored?

No, they're operating under the misguided notion that they're actually helping to shape the most authoritative general knowledge reference.The truth is that they're participating in a gigantic MMPO... Read More »

Editing Wikipedia Is It Free?

You don't have to pay to edit! Anyone who would advertise paid editing of Wikipedia would lead the project into corruption. Why pay someone else if you can do it yourself? Any such offer is not wor... Read More »

How reliable is Wikipedia Are there any free alternatives that are NOT open for editing by whoever?

Wikipedia is a lot more reliable than it used to be just because there's more oversight with so many people involved in editing it. "Sneaky vandalism" might be overlooked on occasion, but it seems ... Read More »

Why are they DELETING and EDITING my wikipedia?

Welcome to the convoluted set of rules and contradictions set forth by the wikipedo cabal!If you want to disseminate information without a bunch of people trampling all over it in an attempt to inc... Read More »