Is it rude to delete someone from Facebook?

Answer It's not rude at all. They don't receive a notification to say that they have been removed as a friend. I only just noticed a little while ago that one of my old friends had deleted me on Facebook ... Read More »

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How rude is it to "unfriend" someone on Facebook?

Pretty sure they wount mind. Since its been soo long and use havnt even talked. It will only seem snobish if they are people you really talk to. As for the farmvill invites etc etc.. Go to:Account ... Read More »

Was this girl being rude to me on Facebook?

I've had something similar happen, someone who was a close friend we used to talk a lot every day then after she moved away she stopped answering.Yes it's a very rude antisocial thing to do to not ... Read More »

Is it rude to ask my friend to remove a photo from facebook?

I agree with Heather...perhaps she could crop you out of it. If not...tell her how the picture makes you feel; however, she is your friend and your picture is a memory of you being part of her wed... Read More »

Omg a girl just wrote something rude as a comment on my facebook status what should i do?

an eye for an eye makes the whole world bblind.say , i love you , to her.