Is it right to read anything from Wikipedia or any web site?

Answer It's perfectly alright to read Wikipedia and then forget everything you read. The trouble starts when you believe anything it says, or worse, copy and paste it into your own work without double-che... Read More »

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Is it true that Wikipedia users can change anything on the site?

Anyone who isn't blocked can edit any page that isn't protected. You can trust most of what is on Wikipedia. You should check the references at the bottom of the page to verify the information is... Read More »

Can you trust the authenticity of anything you read on Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is essentially trustworthy for any information that you need. It is not a citation-worthy reference, but as a tool it is very good.

Do u think WIKIPEDIA is the most hard site to read?

You're actually quite right. I believe that the method of LINKING each word to all other words and definitions actually does not allow you to focus on what you're reading.It's all one big mess, no... Read More »

Can i copy stuff from wikipedia and put it in my web site?

For the record: with a couple notable exceptions, Wikipedia content *is* copyrighted. It's just released under a much less restrictive license than most copyrighted stuff. (The exceptions are quo... Read More »