Is it right to rape babies?

Answer You KNOW it's wrong so stop trolling! It would not only be rape but also murder since they would die from blood loss and injuries.

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How to Heal From Rape and Sexual Assault (Rape Trauma Syndrome)?

Whether you or someone you love has been raped, follow these steps to assure trauma recovery.

Ear piercing in babies Right or Wrong?

I got mine done when I was 4 after a few weeks of repeated asking. I was ready for it and totally ready to take care of them myself. But i was also the kind of kid that would spend time on stuff li... Read More »

Mummies, where is your babies father right now?

mine is still at work, he'll come home and play his xbox no doubt though, after his long day and he'll claim i have it easy being at home all day-blah blah blah...though if i wear you i'd have his ... Read More »

In america do you think it is right that babies are exchanged for money?

What about the mothers that just dont want the babies? There are some out there. I dont think It would have been best for me to been with my birth mom. Im sorry I just dont agree so i will stop here.