Is it right to dine & dash if your waitress went off shift and no one replaces her?

Answer I think you did what you had to and really wish my family was daringlike that. About two weeks ago the family wanted to celebrate my brothers graduation so we went to a small resturant but expensiv... Read More »

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Dine Dash Consequences?

Go back with the money -- and, for God's sakes, with the tip for the waiter! They won't arrest you -- they will be glad if you come back with the cash and an apology. I know, I did this once a fe... Read More »

Is making a restaurant employee pay for dine and dash tables legal in Colorado?

No, this is not a legal thing because a customer pay to the cash counter when he take the service. So, he is not bound to pay the dine and dash tables. All the charge is pay with main service. You ... Read More »

Did a dine and dash at Denny's Restaurant and managed to run away, what's the chance of getting caught?

You're still a Scum Bag for doing that. You'll get caught if you step foot in that Denny's again. You made the "Server" end up paying for your meal. The Manager will be watching for your face as wi... Read More »

Why does the waitress ask how our meals are when we are right in the middle of stuffing our face?