Is it right for a vegan to say this to me?

Answer no its not imvegeterian not vegan and i dont beleive in killing animals for us to eat but he should not of done that you are quite within your rights to eat what ever you want and have a nice meal ... Read More »

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Im hungry right now any ideas for a vegan snack?

I just had an orange pepper. My daughter is eating an orange. Earlier, I had some bagged salad. For lunch I had a veggie burger with whole wheat bread and for another snack I had a slice of whole w... Read More »

How do I convince my family that me being Vegan is the right thing to do?

Write down their concerns, research them, explain why they needn't be concerned.I made a powerpoint presentation showcasing why factory farming is bad for the environment, for the workers and for c... Read More »

What could be causing this: I just got a headache on my right side and my right eye is having vision?

Really Olga,trolling eyecare.Which one is glass?

What do you do when a doctor argues with you and is not right (IMO) I am diabetic and she was not big on vegan?

I would suggest finding a new doctor that knows what she is talking about, or go talk to a dietitian instead about your diet. Dietitians should be much more knowledgable when it comes to what you ... Read More »