Is it required that a condominium declaration be prepared by an attorney?

Answer The condominium declaration is generally based on state law. Usually, it contains the conditions, covenants, restrictions, reservations, rules and so forth, plus the by-laws for the association. It... Read More »

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When was the declaration of condominium of oceanquest condominium recorded?

You can find the answer you want in your local hall of records where the Oceanquest Condominium is located.

What is a Declaration of Condominium?

AnswerThe recorded instrument that is sometimes called a Declaration of Condominium is the legal document that actually creates a condominium development under relevant state law.In Massachusetts i... Read More »

How do you rescind a declaration of condominium?

If you mean you want to neutralize the declaration, this may not be possible except in the case of a disaster: flood, fire, earthquake and so forth that destroys all the real estate assets and make... Read More »

Where do you get a Condominium Declaration?

If you are developing a condominium project, you hire an association-savvy attorney who crafts the governing documents, based on state law that governs condominiums. When you purchase a condominium... Read More »