Why can't pregnant women eat sushi?

Answer Sushi by its definition is not totally cooked, so there is the danger of food borne illnesses, some of which can kill your unborn child. Salmonella poisoning is a very real danger as is ecoli. If t... Read More »

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I need to buy a new external mic, what is best reccomended?

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Can nursing women take Zovirax?

Zovirax does pass through breast milk, though the risks to the infant are not known. It is passed through the milk in very small amounts so it's unlikely to cause side effects in an infant. Most h... Read More »

Men's and Women's Salaries for Nursing?

Registered nursing provides the greatest employment opportunity in the health care industry. Approximately 2.6 million registered nurses worked in the United States as of May 2010, according to the... Read More »

How many women have breast cancer while nursing?

oh Fedup...What a nightmare. I am sorry to hear this news and that you are going through this. How awful! It seems like bad things always happen to all the good people. But it actually sounds like ... Read More »