Is it reasonable of me to only date guys that are vegetarian?

Answer It is completely reasonable to want to be with someone who shares the same/similar views as you. That is really helpful in building a lasting partnership.However because you are looking at a much ... Read More »

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Is it true that the only asian girls that date/marry white american guys are the ugly ones ?

Obviously not every single one is ugly but there's some truth to this generalisation.First, whites are poor judges of Asian beauty. They often think the ugly ones are pretty based on their notion o... Read More »

My orthodontics is charging me 2500$ for only top braces is that a reasonable price?

Considering that full braces start at around $5,000, yes that is probably a reasonable price.

Why is it that guys are much less interested in becoming Vegetarian/Vegans?

Probably because of pressure from other boys who view meat as a tough manly hunter thing. Popular culture has encouraged that myth. Example…Many associ... Read More »

How to Get More Guys at Your School to Want to Date You That Aren't Nerds?

Feel like the nerds are the only ones that are attracted to you? Maybe all you need is a few tips to get those other guys. Read on to find them out!