Is it reasonable of me to only date guys that are vegetarian?

Answer It is completely reasonable to want to be with someone who shares the same/similar views as you. That is really helpful in building a lasting partnership.However because you are looking at a much ... Read More »

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How to Make a Reasonable Excuse to Miss a Date?

If you have ever missed an important date, you know sometimes it can be tough to make up a reasonable excuse. Although excuses may seem wrong, sometimes a little white lie can save a relationship o... Read More »

GUYS: what do you think of vegetarian girls?

it doesn't matter, it doesn't change anything, they are who they are.

Is being a vegetarian a turn off to guys?

it shouldnt matter :) you are who you are & every one should love you for who you are & you will end up with some one who doesnt care. theres many guys who wont care, and the ones who do care, ther... Read More »

Why is it that guys are much less interested in becoming Vegetarian/Vegans?

Probably because of pressure from other boys who view meat as a tough manly hunter thing. Popular culture has encouraged that myth. Example…Many associ... Read More »