Is it Really Worth Buying a Blue Ray Player Is the image really a lot better?

Answer The difference is remarkable when you first see the HD picture. However, it soon wears off and you start to wonder whether it was such a good investment after all. My best advice would be to buy a ... Read More »

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Is iTunes really worth it?

I use itunes. i can't believe how many people use limewire. In addtion to the viruses and the fact that it is illegal, you are showing utter disrespect to the musical artist by not paying for their... Read More »

Are flu shots really worth it?

That depends on your risk group. If you have an underlying illness or are pregnant then they are recommending the swine flu shot or mist. Keep in mind that the suspended the no mercury rule to expe... Read More »

Is macbook really worth it?

It depends upon what you are going to do with it. If you love how macs feel and work, then go for it. If you want to play games and use heavy editing software, then you can get a PC for significant... Read More »

Is overclocking really worth it?

if you have a great cooling system, then yes