Is it really true, that some guys still drink sherry at Christmas?

Answer i Drink owt they give me son

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Is it true that in Mexico you can't drink a tap water or you get a really bad diarrhea?

If you are from the US, this will likely occur, though people from Mexico are more resistant to it, since their immune system deals with it a lot. It is called "Montezuma's Revenge" as in the Azte... Read More »

Is it true that a true lady does't drink from a pint glass & those that do are scum.?

Is it true that the only asian girls that date/marry white american guys are the ugly ones ?

Obviously not every single one is ugly but there's some truth to this generalisation.First, whites are poor judges of Asian beauty. They often think the ugly ones are pretty based on their notion o... Read More »

Do some guys really dig this?

If you do I'll never offer to bite that muscle thats right under your arm by the shoulder blade.EDIT: Thank you know how to make a boys weekend ;)