Is it really safe to stretch everyday if you want to be more flexible?

Answer I do Yoga everyday, but on the days when my muscles are sore I just take it easier. You can still stretch, but just don't over do it. In time, your flexibility will improve.However, if you think yo... Read More »

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Is it safe to go gym everyday?

no, every second day at a minimum, for you muscles to heal/rebuild. tha'ts the whole point of lifting weights, if you went every day you wouldn't gain anything, just get sore arms. Because when you... Read More »

Is it safe to eat mushrooms everyday and while pregnant?

Yes and yes. There is no reason not to eat mushrooms.Just don't let your love of mushrooms interfere with having variety in your diet. You still need to eat a wide range of vegetables and fruits.

Is it safe to drink a Mickey everyday?

Can you run a flexible hose for the refrigerator icewater maker instead of copper tubing And how long can this flexible hose be?

Answer The hose can be as long as needed. The plastic line for ice makers is heavy enough and carries so little pressure that it is not an issue. One of the reasons for copper is to keep mice fr... Read More »