Is it really safe to stretch everyday if you want to be more flexible?

Answer I do Yoga everyday, but on the days when my muscles are sore I just take it easier. You can still stretch, but just don't over do it. In time, your flexibility will improve.However, if you think yo... Read More »

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I really want a good speaker system I can hook up to my droid but I want to spend no more then 50 dollars.?

Earbuds would be your best choice for the money. Shop around and you will be pleasantly surprised.Best.

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How to Get to Be More Flexible?

Stiff and stuck? Hurts when you try to bend? Read my tips, it helped me develop a flexible body that can do a lot!

How do I get more flexible?

Stretching is the best way to gain flexibility. Start out by setting small goals for yourself such as working on touching your toes without bending your knees. This can be done either by sitting or... Read More »