Is it really possible to hack facebook account?

Answer No, unless if you are pro hacker that can hack every site and every password. Don't download hacking programs, almost all of them contain virus that can harm your computer or even shut it down fore... Read More »

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How do I hack a facebook account?

you can report the person as an imposter and have the facebook admin remove it. did you honestly think someone was gonna post a way to hack facebook on yahoo answers for all to see?what were you ex... Read More »

How hack a facebook account?

It's illegal to hack anyone's facebook account, and punishable by law. If she won't give you her password, there's no other way to get it legally.

Is it possible to detect who created a POSER account of me on Facebook?

nope, there is no way to know who did it - all you can do is report it

I really want a facebook account!?

First of all, don't listen to those telling you to go behind your parents' backs and make a Facebook page. When your parents find out, any trust that they had in you will be gone and it will be a ... Read More »