Is it really possible for a flabby 40 year old to get firm?

Answer On One Hand: Flab as Excess Body FatAt any age, if a body is flabby due to excess body fat, it is possible to lose the fat through aerobic exercise and build muscle through strength training. As we... Read More »

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Do my arms look fat and flabby?

no you look fine youre in great shape. stop worrying about that youre fine. you have a nice body sweatheart. :)

How to Shrink & Tone Flabby Skin?

Rapid weight loss or pregnancy can leave you with unsightly, flabby skin. With a combination of some basic Pilates exercises (focusing on the abs, outer thighs and hips), dry brushing, and a good m... Read More »

How to Remove Flabby Expressions From Sentences?

Flabby expressions generally refer to extra words that prevent your writing from having clear, strong and simple elements and having a lean sound and structure. Flabby expressions allow your writin... Read More »

How to Cover Stretch Marks & a Flabby Tummy?

Stretch marks can appear almost anywhere on the body and are caused by tiny tears in the skin. These minuscule splits result in thin red lines that often appear during periods of accelerated growth... Read More »