Is it really difficult and costly to set up a radio station?

Answer It might be difficult and it might be expensive but if it was easy everyone would do it.My recommendation is DO IT. Idea: Look for small stations that are in trouble. They might be willing to se... Read More »

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Why did WIND radio station in Chicago drop Michael Savage radio talk show?

WIND radio station in Chicago dropped The Michael Savage Show for the same reason it dropped Bill Bennett's morning talk show: they are too conservative and the station was afraid they would limit ... Read More »

What radio station is Michael Savage radio show in Portland Or?

1550AM Vancouver, WA [& Portland, OR]. Poor reception. Email program director,Dennis Glasgow. 1340AM Corvallis, OR. Poor reception.

What radio station is BBC radio kent on?

How to Buy a Radio Station?

So you want to own a radio station. Although it is possible to get a construction permit from the FCC to build a new station in a rural area the only way to own a station in a more developed area i... Read More »