My toaster pops up before the bread is toasted (yes it's on the darkest setting)?

Answer I absolutely despise small household appliances that don't work properly.I recommend hitting the toaster with a four pound hammer, that will give the thing an excuse for not working and will give y... Read More »

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When does Buffy and the group find out who Dawn really is?

a group of monk-type guys had a key to open another universe. and they turned the key into a human and made her the slayers sister so the key would be protected. she's not powerful in a way she c... Read More »

How to Get the Darkest Tan?

Dark tans hide skin flaws and gives your body a healthy, bronze glow. The depth of your tan will depend on your individual skin type, but for most, it is possible to get a dark tan. Get a dark tan ... Read More »

How do get rid of a really bad hangover before I go to work at 9am?

Drink aloooot of water, and take an asprin. Lay down for about 20-30 minutes and relax. Then get up and drink more water. Usually when you have a hangover your body is starving for water.

Why am i really nervous before driving?

May be the traffic in your area or just a lack of experience and confidence. I remember feeling the same way, it's a great responsibility to drive and you could injure or kill someone out of carele... Read More »