Is it really bad to get your hair dyed when you are pregnant?

Answer No, its not, if you take precautions. If you're going to get it done, it is advised that you get them to use a cap and hook the hair through, so the dye doesn't touch your scalp.

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Would anything happen to the baby if you didnt know you were pregnant and you dyed your hair?

When your thirty eight weeks pregnant and your really big can you be smashing the baby when you are sitting down?

Answer Nope, but uh...what does your Doctor say about being 38 weeks pregnant? Remember the baby is swimming around happily in his/her own little world, cushioned by the waters. You of course ar... Read More »

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If you are 14 and pregnant and starting to show how do you tell your parents when you are really scared?

Answerwell im in the same situation. im 14 and im scared as hell how to tell my mom. i don't kno wat kind of reaction she finna have. but my sista was 15 when she got pregnant and my mom found out.... Read More »