Is it rare to be blonde with green eyes?

Answer Yes, because it is not the best thing, because you will most likely encounter bad thing near the age 10/11 and sometimes this like demons posesing you evil ghost spirits trying to kill you the way ... Read More »

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Anyone know of any guys with blonde hair and green eyes?

My hairdresser down the street, in the 80's have long beautiful curly waist-length blonde hair & green eyes. I have no idea where he is now, another reason why my hair keeps growing & growing. He ... Read More »

Do you think strawberry blonde girls with green eyes and freckles are hot?

Silky Wavy Black hair with green eyes; thinking of dying it Blonde ?

Usually, your natural hair looks best on you. If you're thinking of dying it, consider the damages to the health of your hair.That aside, maybe just do something a bit more subtle first, like getti... Read More »

How rare is red hair green eyes?

Uncommon would be a better word than rare. I was born red haired and green eyes. Mum has Blue eyes, Dad has Hazel. My hair has grown dark over the years.