Is it possible to wire a usb cable in a da-15's place and it work?

Answer Have searched for a while without luck. Haven't even been able to find adapters or wiring diagrams for such adapters. Was able to find both USB and Gameport pinouts. The only way that it could p... Read More »

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Will a RG-6 cable work as a speaker wire?

Just about any conductor will work as a speaker wire. With this in mind, RG-6 will work. However, you will need two RG-6 cables per speaker, and you will find it to be inflexible and hard to conn... Read More »

Is coax cable, the basic wire in every home, a digital or analog wire?

Coaxial cable can carry electrons at high speed and those electrons can be used by either digital or analog systems, depending on how they were sent and how they are decoded. It is only a transmis... Read More »

How do you connect a 3 wire s-video cable to a 4 wire s-video cable?

S-video carries two signals and requires two co-ax cables to connect them. There is no standard three wire S-video connection. Having said that, it is possible that a manufacturer has decided to pr... Read More »

Is Hong kong best place to work and how are the people,place, food and culture?

HK might be an ok place to work if you are top management or in a high paying sector like a finance/trader/doctor/lawyer type job. Don't listen to Freely since anything about Mainland is bad and e... Read More »