Is it possible to view auto cad files in samsung galaxy tablet?

Answer Find an app for it.

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Which is better Samsung Galaxy tablet or ipad2?

Well on the iPad 1 you can not because you can not get adobe flash player so I guess it will be the same I'm typing on my iPad right now any way so there's your awnser

The new Ipad or Samsung Galaxy Note tablet?

Err.... If I were you, I would have bought the new Samsung Galaxy Note tablet. Well, I myself have an Ipad 2, but since Ipad 3 is just a marginal improvement to Ipad 2, it shouldn't matter to you... Read More »

Samsung galaxy 10.1 tablet, google play store and facebook :(?

restore it to factory thou settings... other wise factory defect or severe virus

How do I view flash content on samsung galaxy ace?

This article should be helpful.…D