Is it possible to use hotspot shield to generate clicks in youtube?

Answer It's called click fraud and yea, it will probably work though not recommended since it is fraud.

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How to Use Hotspot Shield?

Hotspot shield is an IP hiding service,and can be found at ( ). It can work in online video games,web browsers,etc.

Is there's any hotspot shield app for android?

Be careful about rooting you device because it voids the warranty but, if you don't have one or don't care here's how. To root your Android device go to the Android Market and download an app calle... Read More »

How do you use HotSpot Shield on your iPhone?

Go here for more information:

Hotspot shield not connecting?

Its IP'a are blocked because they are well known and published. You're probably better off though. At least with no connection they can't scan all your data and profile you so they can sell that in... Read More »