Is it possible to use electric power from 2 different sources at the same time?

Answer The technique and technology exists and is widely used in solar power installations. You'll need a device called a "grid tie inverter". It's job is to take power from your DC source and convert it ... Read More »

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Sources of Power?

Power provides the energy to drive man's activities. Power-generating companies derive power from naturally occurring sources of energy and fuels, the most common of which is oil. You may classify ... Read More »

Does electric utility meter read real power or apparent power?

Apparent power contains "real power" + other forms of power that returns to the source after creating magnetic properties for inductance type loads. The power company does not bill you for this ser... Read More »

What are some sources of hydrogen power?

The three primary ways hydrogen is produced for power are through the manipulation of water, fossil fuels, or biomass. Specifically, water can be used to produce hydrogen through the processes of s... Read More »

What sources of presidential power could George W Bush use to justify his order that the cia engage in surveillance in violation of fisa?

Neither are better or worse.. Yes they are both Intelligence but one is stricly for the US military and other is worldwide. The both operate under different orders so in technically they both are t... Read More »