Is it possible to use electric power from 2 different sources at the same time?

Answer The technique and technology exists and is widely used in solar power installations. You'll need a device called a "grid tie inverter". It's job is to take power from your DC source and convert it ... Read More »

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Can I record audio from two sources at the same time on one computer?

Using a cable, you are only splitting the left and the right stereo channels. So If you were to split your computer's Line IN, you could record the game on the left and the mic on the right.Most s... Read More »

How to Cite Two Different Sources in the Same Sentence?

Citing sources is an integral part of writing a research paper. A strong paper backs up its central argument by making reference to the claims and research of others. It is important to use a varie... Read More »

Is it possible to install MAC OS on a PC, on the same drive, but on a different partition?

I'm pretty sure you can do that if on a Mac, use Bootcamp.On a PC, I recommend you try this… :)

How to mix sounds from different sources?

Sure you would need a mixer. Depending on how many sources and tracks you need, you will then just get a mixer to adjust each channel to a stereo output.So from the sources you have looks like a 1... Read More »