Is it possible to use computer completely without a mouse?

Answer Technically yes, but its not really preferred.If you have windows then you can go to start menu-->control panel-->accessibility options then go to the tab "mouse" and enable mouse keys. So if you h... Read More »

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How can I COMPLETELY remove a mouse driver?

This is the best to help you.............."Kenn Caesius" wrote in message news: > Trying to "remove" the drivers from the device managers was the first > thing I did but it never worked like it wa... Read More »

A mouse is a mouse. more than one mouse is call mice. what do you call more then one mouse (computer mouse)?

Why is a mouse called a mouse ( as in computer mouse )?

Why is a computer mouse, called a mouse?

hi chasey the name mouse originated from the originated at the Stanford Research Institute,and derives from the resemblance of early models (which had a cord attached to the rear part of th... Read More »