Is it possible to use an old HP Deskjet 720c with a Macbook?

Answer It's possible to get an adapter for the serial port - after all a USB has the same connections, just configured differently. Try any good PC/Mac shop

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How can I get my HP Deskjet 3525 to work on my macbook?

Make sure the wifi is setup on your printer to the same wifi your macbook is hooked on. And then go to setting and printer and hit the plus button and your printer should show up there.

Is it possible to play iLoL on a MacBook?

Your problem is your crappy internet service. Not your computer.

Is it possible to copy someone else's shared music (on iTunes) to your own Macbook?

Yeah, I took a bunch of music from my iTunes and put it on thumb drives to send to someone overseas for their iTunes. Don't know how legal it is, I had to mess with various settings on the compute... Read More »

Is the HP DeskJet 3845 compatible with Vista?

Yes, the HP Deskjet 3845 is compatible with Windows Vista, both 32- and 64-bit versions. You can find all the system requirements, drivers and troubleshooting tips on HP's website under "Software &... Read More »