Is it possible to use a ipod touch as a external monitor?

Answer no unless there is a Apple sync connector with eitehr VGA/DVI at the other end.but i dont think the touch has that capability

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Is it possible to connect a external monitor to the HP625 Notebook?

Yes, most all laptops/notebooks can have an external monitor connected to them. Your computer has two video output ports:1 external VGA monitor1 HDMIYou can connect a standard VGA cable to the comp... Read More »

Does the ipod touch 2nd 8g have an external speaker?

I have one myself but, a 16g. None of the iPod Touchs 2nd Generation have the external speaker.

Is it possible to get mw3 for your iPod touch?

Is it possible to use Spotify on an iPod touch?

Yes; you can use the Spotify application if you are a Spotify member. More information can be found in the "Related Links" section of this answer.