Is it possible to use a computer monitor as a tv?

Answer you will probably have to get a couple adapter cables to create the connection between your monitor and your cable/Satellite service.

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Is it possible to watch tv on my computer monitor?

YES, but there are few scenarios.1) Via PC - you'll need a TV tuner card (PCI, PCIe, PCI-x) and a nearby coax cable that carries your cable signal to connect to the aforementioned card.2) Just usin... Read More »

Is possible use computer monitor as HDtv?

You answered your own question. Since you are going to be using the same monitor for your PC as well, then the easyiest and best way is to get an HDTV turner card for your computer. You can then ... Read More »

Is it possible to connect my direct tv cable box to my computer monitor?

Can I use a computer monitor as a TV and a PC Monitor and play my Xbox and Computer on it?…