Is it possible to use USB Flashdisks to increase RAM of any PC?

Answer it is possible bcoz when the ram gets jam packed windows uses hardisk as ram but if u make the usb to recognize as a hard disk vola usb acts like ram.

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How eyesight can be increase. Is it possible?

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Is it possible to increase my phone's capacity?

Probably it has 4gb "inside" but you can add 4 gb more with a memory sd

Is it possible to increase the speed of computer?

Yes. Type the keys and click the mouse faster. You could also drop it off a tall cliff or building....or you could supercool the processor and increase its performance a great deal.

Is it possible to increase the RAM of this laptop?

hi the two slot of ram provide in HP Pavillion DM1-4306AU 11". PLEASE open the back side of LAPTOP, YOU CAN SEE IN SLOT#1 ORIGIONAL 2 GB ram installed. now you installed the new ram 4 GB in ... Read More »