Is it possible to use I Phone 4 in Bangladesh?

Answer It has only 1. The other one is a mic, eNe.

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How is it possible that my iPhone 3G takes a photo of whatever is on my phone screen Sometimes I'll find a photo in my library of what I was doing on my phone. How is this possible?

Not sure on the iPhone, but on the iPod Touch, if you press the power button + the home button, it saves a screenshot. I guees is the same for the iPhone.

Is it possible to just "buy" a phone number with voice-mail and no phone or land line?

yes, with and its free!! you also can use the call-forward feature!!the VM is fantastic....

Is it possible for someone to show on their phone logs a phone number that didn't call or text them?

I think it's possible to fake this stuff ... anyway if he is really cheating on you with her, she would have other/better proof, so ask her for that. Another idea - if he's been calling her/texting... Read More »

Phone call to a public phone...possible?

NOPE! you cannot call a payphone.The phone number IS listed on the phone as per a FCC requirement, but the ringer is turned OFF. The number does not need to be the phones number, but can also be a ... Read More »