Is it possible to text message internationally?

Answer like above, but i don't think you need all those zeros at first.

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Is it possible to intercept text messages?

Anything electronic can be hacked. It's possible but it's very technical and illegal. There are actually two ways of doing it. Grab the messages The other procedure to intercept text messages is to... Read More »

Is it possible to edit text in a scanned document and if so, how?…Have a look at the product review on this scanner. We use these at work and they are reasonably good. I need to edit documents a lot and find it very easy... Read More »

Is it possible to send a text message to 911 emergency?

I worked for Sprint for 4 years and I think I can help. First off you CAN send a text message to a landline. I do it and receive them often. The message will be automated and it will state that it ... Read More »

Is it possible to text someone in the US if i live in the UK or do we need a special code?

the dialling code is 001 so remember to put that before the number i.e 001 770, some UK companies have international calls and texts barred so you might have to ring up your network and let them kn... Read More »