Is it possible to take out a 20,000 dollar student loan?

Answer it's possible if you have a cosigner, otherwise, your out of luck

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I plan to take out a student loan for school. If i need an extra 20k over the class expenses, is that possible?

For what ? Rent ? Car ? Clothings ? And it depends on your sector : 20k is low for a doctor, high for a paperboy. Whatever you do, spend the less you can, because it is not your money. So save wher... Read More »

Is it possible for the student loan company to pay money into your account, then for some other reason take it?

Sometimes the transfer of money will show up before it's done processing, so it may be reflected in your total balance but not yet in your available balance.I don't think they'd put money in your a... Read More »

Is a 200k student loan possible to pay off?

First off, what is so special about BU other than the fact that they are offering NO financial aid?You are looking at a big gamble:1. You are fortunate and EARN fantastic grades at BU and manage to... Read More »

Is it possible to get a student loan for IMI university centre Luzern in Switzerland?

Student loans were virtually banned in Switzerland in 2003 when the law against unfair competition (UWG) was amended. Simply put, banks and other lenders aren't allowed to issue a credit to people ... Read More »