Is it possible to take a scanned piece of paper and...?

Answer HiGet FREEocr. that is one of the best OCR for FREE. It reads jpeg images, and send them automaticlaly to Microsoft is the link....awesome software. Read More »

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Hi! I want to know how can i type in a paper that i have just scanned ?

Hi MarucaDownload FREEocr. It will open your scanned jpeg documents or whatever, and automatically open them in word so you can edit them. its FREE and works beautifully.Here is the linkhttp://free... Read More »

I have a scanned paper that I need to edit, how?

Abby Fine Reader is the best software. Try it. Trial Version is available.

How can I edit a scanned question paper?

Try image editing software like PhotoPaint.

How do I transfer writing from a paper I scanned to a word document?

your scanner probably came with OCR software--optical character recognition. Use this software to turn the scanned file into a document. You may have to clean up some typos, since the OCR can't alw... Read More »