Is it possible to take a scanned piece of paper and...?

Answer HiGet FREEocr. that is one of the best OCR for FREE. It reads jpeg images, and send them automaticlaly to Microsoft is the link....awesome software. Read More »

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How many trees does it take to make a piece of paper?

It takes about 24 trees to produce a ton of copier paper. If a typical 1-ton pallet contains 40 cartons, and one carton (or 10 reams) uses .6 trees (6 percent of a tree), a single tree makes 16.67 ... Read More »

When you take on a project at home is it done piece by piece or do you only choose projects that?

It depends on the size of the project.I always try to divide the project into smaller individual tasks. It is much easier that way.And if I run out of time on a larger project...I can pick it up wi... Read More »

Is it possible to edit text in a scanned document and if so, how?…Have a look at the product review on this scanner. We use these at work and they are reasonably good. I need to edit documents a lot and find it very easy... Read More »

Is it possible for a scanner to remember scanned items?

NO - not with this particular type of multifunctional.