Is it possible to switch between two computers using the same keyboard and mouse?

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How do you hook up two computers and one keyboard and mouse?

you can use kvm switches. google: IOGEAR MiniView Micro USB Plus GCS632U KVM / audio switch - USB

How to Connect Two Computers With One Keyboard & One Mouse?

Users that desire to connect two or more separate workstations to a single mouse and keyboard can do so with the open source program referred to as Synergy. Synergy works for the Windows 95 and NT ... Read More »

How to Share a Keyboard & a Mouse Across Several Computers?

If you need to use more than one computer at a time, your desktop can become cluttered with multiple keyboards, mice and monitors.KVM switches solve this problem by letting you share your keyboard,... Read More »

How to Control Two Computers Using One Mouse and Keyboard With Quicksynergy?

QuickSynergy is a graphical interface for Mac OS and Linux for easily configuring Synergy. Synergy is an application that allows the user to share the mouse and keyboard between two or more compute... Read More »