Is it possible to swallow your toung?

Answer once i read your Question i was trying to do it and i could not so no good idea when im bord i can do this thanks lol :p

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When i smoke cannabiss my toung gets sore why is this?

your tongue says, DONT SMOKE OR I WILL GET SORE.

Black poop and toung split after drinking alcohol?

Black feces is usually caused by digesting blood... my guess, you got bent, bit your tongue and swallowed some blood

How to Swallow Gum?

Chewing gum and it lost its flavor? And you have no place to put it? Fear Not this article will tell you how to swallow gum.

Cant swallow tablets?

Sometimes I get that, when I'm nervous to swallow it, your probably all tensed up, try to relax when you swallow it (easier said than done I know, but try) maybe break the tablet in half, or buy th... Read More »