Is it possible to swallow your toung?

Answer once i read your Question i was trying to do it and i could not so no good idea when im bord i can do this thanks lol :p

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When i smoke cannabiss my toung gets sore why is this?

your tongue says, DONT SMOKE OR I WILL GET SORE.

Black poop and toung split after drinking alcohol?

Black feces is usually caused by digesting blood... my guess, you got bent, bit your tongue and swallowed some blood

If you swallow your partners semen will it harm your baby?

Answer No, not unless he has an STD.Also, Its believed that the DNA from it is good for the baby because it reduces the risk of rejection from the body. (Given that its from the babies father of co... Read More »

Will it harm the baby if your partner ejaculates in your mouth but you don't swallow the semen?

Answer No.I think you need to get a good book about pregnancy and childbirth because it sounds as though you have been given a lot of incorrect information.