Can you stump me on one of my own movies?

Answer how many toothpicks were dropped on the floor in Rainman?

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How to Stump Grind?

When trees are cut back or down, stumps remain. If the stump is too high, it might not look good, or might be a hazard. Grind down the stumps of homes with this problem. It might be a good business... Read More »

How to Use Stump Grinders?

A stump grinder eats away at old tree stumps, clearing the land in half the time it takes to remove them manually. The carbide blade cuts right through hard or soft woods, making the chore of stump... Read More »

How deep are stump grinders?

Stump grinders aid in the removal of tree stumps by grinding the remaining stump off below ground level. The depth can vary from grinder to grinder depending on the size and make of the machine. Gr... Read More »

How to Prune a Pachira Stump?

Pachira trees occur naturally in the tropical wetlands of Central and South America and are widely cultivated as indoor ornamental plants for their attractive foliage. Commonly called money trees, ... Read More »