Could I Accidentally Spontaneously Combust By Drinking Rumpleminz and Smoking Marlboros at the Same Time?

Answer Listen to me very carefully.The reason your friend gave you that bottle of Rumpleminz is because that s*** is not fit for human consumption. Okay, now that I have warned you, you probably wouldn't ... Read More »

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Is it possible for a British gentleman's moustache to spontaneously catch fire?

Hell's whiskers, Rotty!I know of only one time in British history when spontaneously combusting moustaches ever seriously threatened the nation's morale - and that was shortly after the passing of ... Read More »

Can a man ejaculate spontaneously?

Spontaneous ejaculation can occur in men. The most common type is the nocturnal emission, also called wet dream, that occurs involuntarily during sleep. Certain drugs, like cocaine, can also cause ... Read More »

Can dogs spontaneously start nursing?

Female dogs can start lactating due to either pregnancy or false pregnancy. The female dog will "mother" toys and may actually produce milk. This may be an evolutionary adaptation to accept orphane... Read More »

How Do I Fix Kitchen Drawers That Roll out Spontaneously?

Drawers in your home have slides attached to the sides or bottom. The slides run along a set of rollers installed on the inside of the cabinet. After several years of use the slides might bend due ... Read More »