Is it possible to set up a video camera as a web cam?

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Is it possible to connect my video camera to my computer and....?

It depends on the computer monitor being used.Most likely not.Most computer monitors connect to the computer using a VGA cable. Assuming the computer is a traditional desk-top or tower-type. The So... Read More »

What is the best possible video camera for me to buy to edit movies in my mac?

I've recently done exactly what you are doing. I was a PC guy for years and book a new MacBook Pro. Mainly for the video editing. I did a lot of research and ended up purchasing a Aiptek Mini HD... Read More »

Video camera help Professional looking at the lowest price possible?

A video camera that can shoot HD would be a camera like the JVC GZ-E200BUS that costs $150 on Amazon.When you add, "professional" to the equation, you are looking at a 3-CCD camera that costs close... Read More »

Possible to stream video straight from its source to a digital camera for recording?

I would be very surprised if there was a way. Normally the source has to talk with software on a computer to be displayed and recorded. A camera doesn't have this software. So why not just downl... Read More »