Is it possible to scan something?

Answer Scanners are available for under $50 from the likes of Amazon so it sounds like that might well be a possibilty. Multifunctional devices - combined printer/scanner/copiers - can be had for well un... Read More »

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My printer won't print a page, but when I try to scan something, it'll scan it. Whats the deal?

How do i scan something on my printer?

Go to, search the support/drivers section for your printer model, and download the software from there.

How do you scan something to a laptop?

Well You need to hook up everything before you even try to scan . You 1st need to have your printer slot working so you can lay it won flat and then it will scan ..

How do you scan something onto the computer?

You need a scanner. Hook it up. Press the scan button on the scanner. It will show up on your screen with the program you downloaded (the CD/program comes with the scanner) is easy unless y... Read More »