Is it possible to root an African Violet leaf in water?

Answer Yes, if you place a couple of leaves with stem of about two inches in a glass of water it will root. But if you leave it there to grow for a long time it won't be very strong. The leaf will grow mu... Read More »

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How to Root an African Violet Leaf?

Grow your own African Violets by rooting leaves.You could start some beautiful potted violets using this method.

Does the leaf of an African violet have a hairy surface?

How much water does an African violet plant need?

African violets are originally from Africa where it is very tropical. Therefore, they need constant moisture but not sitting directly in water all the time or they may rot. Don't let your violet ev... Read More »

How to Root African Water Ferns?

African water fern, or Bolbitis heudelotii, occurs naturally in freshwater waterways across much of equatorial and southern Africa. It is an aquatic plant with intricately edged leaves lining slend... Read More »