Is it possible to retrieve an e mail that I sent in 2003 to aol.?

Answer If the e-mail was sent in 2003, 6 years ago the odds of recovering it are practially nil. Assuming that you use the same computer somewhat regularly, the data has been overwritten. You can try a ha... Read More »

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How to retrieve the sent e-mail ?

If you are using Yahoo! mail you can't get it back. Once it's sent, it's sent.

How To Retrieve Mail Already Sent?

I sent an e-mail I want to get back. It is to a business that is closed so they should not have opened it yet I'm going to assume that this isn't your Exchange Server your connecting to, so, in a n... Read More »

How to retrieve 'sent' mail?

Unless the provider has a way to collect these messages, then you won't be able to get them. If they have an IMAP facility mabe you could link to the Sent Items folder? POP will only allow for Inbo... Read More »

How do I retrieve my e-mail, after it has been sent to me?

You have to get an email program like Eudora and configure it for your internet providers email settings. You can ask them for the pop server and the smtp server