Is it possible to rent an apartment with a credit score of 624?

Answer On One Hand: Easier To Rent With Good CreditA good credit score makes it easier to rent an apartment, says the Consumer Federation of America. People who have poor credit tend to be turned down or ... Read More »

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How to Rent an Apartment With No Job & Bad Credit?

When the number of foreclosures skyrocketed in the mid and late 2000s, apartment vacancies increased. Families moved out of apartments to live in single family home rentals, and lay-offs increased ... Read More »

How much credit do you need to rent an apartment?

How much credit needed to rent an apartment depends on the size, location and owner of the property. Some landlords don't check credit, while others require a full background check. Most owner-rent... Read More »

Do you need good credit to rent an apartment?

On One Hand: Credit Check Is RequiredMost landlords require prospective tenants to have good credit scores. Landlords verify a tenant's credit by reviewing her credit report, which is available thr... Read More »

How to Get an Apartment When You Have a Bad Credit Score?

Good credit is required for more than purchasing homes and buying cars. Employers and landlords now review credit history, on a regular basis, as part of their background checks. If you have bad cr... Read More »