Is it possible to register a business in a residential condominium?

Answer Yes of course it is. People with on-line businesses do it every day. Realize that registering it is different from operating it.Review your governing documents to establish what is required of you ... Read More »

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Is it possible to register a money changer business in a residential condo unit?

Your governing documents will give you the answer you want to this question. Specifically, some home-based businesses are allowed by some condominium governing documents, depending on the impact of... Read More »

How did a residential condominium started?

Residential condominiums are started by developers who either buy existing high-density, multi-family housing and convert it to condominiums, or who build new properties. The price of each unit dep... Read More »

How big do parking spots have to be in a 3 unit residential condominium complex?

The size of parking spots can be determined by reviewing several key documents:The governing documents for the associationThe local municipal laws covering the size of parking stallsThe state law c... Read More »

Is it mandatory for a residential Condominium Complex to offer handicap parking spaces and if yes how many spaces are required per building?

Your question is answered by federal accessibility laws, which may dictate handicap access, depending on the use of the building. Further, your state condominium law and your governing documents ma... Read More »