Is it possible to register a business in a residential condominium?

Answer Yes of course it is. People with on-line businesses do it every day. Realize that registering it is different from operating it.Review your governing documents to establish what is required of you ... Read More »

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Is it possible to register a money changer business in a residential condo unit?

Your governing documents will give you the answer you want to this question. Specifically, some home-based businesses are allowed by some condominium governing documents, depending on the impact of... Read More »

How did a residential condominium started?

Residential condominiums are started by developers who either buy existing high-density, multi-family housing and convert it to condominiums, or who build new properties. The price of each unit dep... Read More »

How big do parking spots have to be in a 3 unit residential condominium complex?

The size of parking spots can be determined by reviewing several key documents:The governing documents for the associationThe local municipal laws covering the size of parking stallsThe state law c... Read More »

Is a residential condominium community legally the same as a cooperative apartment community?

It depends on what you mean by 'legally'. Each is a legal business, often a non-profit corporation, and in that sense, then each is a legal entity. Each is operated by a board of directors which is... Read More »